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About Us

Consolidating the company and diversifying activities have been the basic principles paving the way for Electrotécnica de Urbina throughout its 35-year history. During that period, the main High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) pillars of activity have been: Electrical infrastructures, operating and maintaining renewable energies, energy efficiency, l conductive and preventive electrica maintenance for the leading companies of Vitoria, the Basque Country, Burgos and Navarra.

Sistemas Energéticos Urbina, red eléctrica

What are the advantages of a global energy service?

  • Supplier unification for the management and maintenance for all your energy facilities.
  • Empowerment and peace of mind for you, as Electrotécnica de Urbina will take charge of your energy facilities.
  • Optimisation of management costs, greater coordination and implementation of the services.
  • Optimisation of energy costs, improving your facilities and adapting to current legal legislation.
Sistemas Energéticos Urbina, red eólica

Our objective

  • To provide you with peace of mind regarding your possible energy problems and/or maintenance.
  • Rapid response and readiness to supply the service quality inherent to our brand.
  • To provide value added services for the customer, anticipating your needs.
  • To provide a consolidated and expert team to ensure our technical expertise that helps the company to endure in time.
  • To create a durable and strong relationship based on trust with customers.
Sistemas Energéticos Urbina, red solar

Some of our customers

Aernova; Tecnoaranda; Grupo Laminaciones Arregui; Tuboplast; Grupo CIARSA; Buesa Arena, Hotel Lakua; Museo Artium; Ayuntamiento de Vitoria, Diputación Foral de Álava; Hospital Santiago, Centrales Hidroeléctricas de: Berganzo, Pedruzo.