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People play a fundamental role at Electrotécnica de Urbina and they meet the needs of the customers thanks to their professionalism, effort and expertise. Electrotécnica is strongly committed to continuous improvement and therefore provides its workers with ongoing training and fosters their personal and professional growth. If you are committed to work well done, with a desire to demonstrate and learn, send us your CV (pdf format).

Selection Policy

The selection principles are adapted to each post, but the emphasis is always on their being in line with the strategy, vision and objectives of the company.
Applicants are guaranteed equal opportunities during the process and maximum confidentiality pursuant to the Spanish Data Protection Act (LOPD).

Procedure flow diagram

  1. Receipt of applications. Collation of applications received by means of the recruitment sources (websites, schools, universities, etc.).
  2. Applicant appraisal. Hard + soft skills appraisal of applicants with potential.
  3. Assessment of the applicant. The short-listed applicants are interviewed.
  4. Decision. The person who guarantees the greatest possibility of personal and professional success is selected for each post.
  5. Incorporation. The rapid integration of all new employees is facilitated.